Behind our tagline

When the idea of Appealing Connections first occurred to us, we asked the people we know to guess the business of the company bearing such a tagline. Their answers confirmed our decision to choose precisely this tagline.

Many have answered this company was probably a dating agency.

When we considered this for a while, we realized this was exactly the purpose of our products.

With our solutions we help different businesses date and marry. Telecommunication operators begin to work with financial institutions, retail companies, advertisers, application and content providers or media. Similar things happen in the cities, tourist agencies or with road infrastructure operators or anywhere else.

They simply begin to work better together. New eco-systems and new business models are built. New areas of business - new Blue Oceans - open.

If you already have a developed idea regarding such business modelp, we will be happy to bring it to life. If you are still developing your idea, it is right time to call us.