Versatile cross-technology solution for mobile micro and macro payment, top-up, money transfer, bill payment, micro banking, mRemittance, NFC, and more.

With the growing need for mobility, XmPay solution creates an environment where consumers and merchants are able to conduct business in various different business models and by using various technological

The solution concept offers reliable and simple solution for connecting Mobile Payment Service Provider to all very essential “worlds” – firstly, the world of financial organizations; secondly, the world of application service providers located outside of the trusted domain and finally the world of the MNO. Mobile payment provider role can be done by any of the stakeholders involved. Both micro and macro payment transaction are supported thanks to modular and adaptable architecture.

Xmpay offers a long list of mobile payment services, microbanking, mRemittance, national money transfer and more.


  • Development of new mobile services for market differentiation
  • Addressing new market segments
  • Customer retention
  • Increase of profitability

Key benefits

  • Fast introduction and implementation of new services
  • Standard protocols – easy integration
  • Modular structure – easy horizontal and vertical scaling and performance management
  • High performance on small footprint
  • Unparalleled features list
  • Very low OPEX