Applicon is an award winning software vendor to service provider industry mastered in distribution of electronic goods, electronic /mobile payment, money transfer and loyalty.

It is our mission to make our customers winners in their markets and enable them to quickly embrace new monetizing opportunities.

With references on different continents, from Scandinavia, through South-East Europe, Asia-Pacific, Arab world, to Sub-Saharan Africa, Applicon is today able to correspond to country specific rollouts, thus emerging existing service providers or green fielders to start immediate monetization.

We offer solutions based on our products and frameworks in various business models; on-premises, SaaS/PaaS and hybrid.

Our consulting services include best practices for successful services rollout on any specific market. Our highest standards provide punctual, timely and quality delivery.

Meet Applicon and find out why our clients and partners choose us.

Applicon d.o.o
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working hours: monday to friday - 09:00 - 17:00.